My name is Tara, and I am a crochet and yarn addict (luckily, it’s not harmful). My sweet, sweet Mama taught me to crochet when I was a teen, but it didn’t really catch on until I was pregnant with my first child in 2006. I made so many hats for that boy, and I was a crochet pattern hoarder. I eventually became good enough to start tweaking patterns, and then I started coming up with my own stuff. With the encouragement of my sweet friends, I wrote up my first pattern in 2008. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve been blessed with an extremely talented and handy husband that I’ve had four angel babies with. My kids are the coolest things I’ve ever “made”. We have two German Shepherds, (Timber and Shep). I live in Alaska and our family enjoys the long winters by playing hockey. There are not that many things cuter than a little 3 or 4 year old decked out in full hockey gear  : )

The name Mamachee…Mamachee is the easier way to spell the German word, Mamatschi. I come from German roots and so I grew up listening to German music. My favorite song was Mamatschi by Heintje. Mamatschi is a German pet name for Mom and so the name was born. You can listen to the song HERE.

You can also watch a fun little video about my story HERE. The video was made by the Fairchild Brothers (they are amazing!) You can find them on FACEBOOK. Make sure to check them out!

All that personal stuff aside…I’m so so glad that you found your way here! I have so many plans for Mamachee and can’t wait to see where it goes.

You’re awesome! – Tara Murray