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Print book turned e-book story….

If you’ve been following along with my blog and/or Facebook, you may have heard that I signed a contract with a publisher. I was going to be a published Author to a real, live book! Everything was going along great…I met my dates and had all of the material completed but then came the bad news. The publishing company was sold to another company and they had to move my publish date back. I was too excited about all the patterns and material that I had put together…I just couldn’t wait any longer and so, I politely asked to be released from my contract. Rather than individually publishing each pattern as I normally do, I eventually decided to put together all of the material and publish an e-book. I purchased professional publishing software, learned how to use it and…’s all done! I couldn’t be more happy with “my book baby.”


This e-book contains 28 patterns crochet patterns! 25 of those patterns are brand new and exclusive to the book (woo!)


The book has more than just crochet patterns…

There is a section on Crochet. You’ll find funny facts, charts, abbreviations and more.

There is a section on Color. You’ll learn about color terms, color harmony and hopefully have a far easier time pairing colors. 

There is a section on Yarn. Do you know the difference between a skein, ball, hank, cake, and blank? Do you know the difference between a marl, speckled and tweed yarn? 

Whether you are a budding crocheter or a seasoned enthusiast, this e-book will be a great resource to add to your crochet library.

These three new patterns are the most popular on Ravelry: 

IMG_7787-2 Marjorie Scarf (3)IMG_6570

!GIVEAWAY! – 3 winners will receive a free copy of this e-book.

We are going to make this easy! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is visit the Ravelry link below and click on your favorite pattern(s), add them to your favorite (give them a heart!), and then come back here to let me know what your favorite new design is in the comments along with your ravelry username. (If you’re reading this in your e-mail, all you have to do is reply to this e-mail and it will leave a comment on the blog.)

That’s it!

Next Monday (April 4th), I’ll choose 3 winner to receive a free copy of this e-book in their Ravelry library. Please only leave one comment. If you need to ask any additional questions or have any more comments, then please use the contact page. Good luck! 

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  1. Lauren Appelt Reply

    Ooooh they’re ALL so beautiful! I love all your patterns but since I can only pick one the Jane Frost hat is calling my name 🙂

    mrsappelt is my user name I believe

  2. Adrianne Jenson Reply

    I am in love with the Alessandra hat! I will be buying the book for that pattern alone.
    My user is adriannejenson.

  3. dmdoughty Reply

    It is much too difficult to choose just one favorite — I choose Jenalea Handwarmers, Tamara Handwarmers, and ALL the boot cuff patterns! 🙂 They are all so lovely! I can’t wait to create them for my loved ones.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all. ~Deborah

  4. Gabriela Grassino Reply

    Tara all your work is amazing, love Jane Frost hat. Thanks! Ravelry: lanona

  5. blaynsmom Reply

    Reverie Handwarmers is one of my favorite but each one made me want to get to crocheting them 🙂 thanks for all of your hard work! Raverly user Blaynsmom

  6. chocolaterose Reply

    I would love to win this Ebook. There are some stitches I have never seen before.

    Lynn Rosebur

  7. ashley.sopotnick Reply

    Loved the Jane Frost hat! But hard to choose, so many great designs!

  8. Dionne Reply

    Lindsey Lively Hat is (one of) my favorites. I’ve ? a few. It’s too hard to choose just one.

  9. rebekah Reply

    So many of your patterns are in my favorites! I think my favorite for the new patterns is the Jenalea Handwarmers, but the Jane frost hat is also gorgeous! My ravelry username is mrspope91

  10. Daniela Reply

    Vintage Darby hat is my favorite. Super cute would have been great with my easter outfit, maybe a good use for the holidays.

  11. irishHooks Reply

    Tamara hand warmers look great! IrishHooksandYarn on Ravelry.

  12. bren Reply

    I love several of your CROCHET patterns, but my favorites are: Tamara’s hand warmers then Marjorie scarf

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  13. bpeterzak5 Reply

    Hi Tara,Congratulations on producing your own book!!! So many patterns and all so lovely! How generous to include us readers by holding a giveaway!!! Totally exciting! From all the lovely patterns these are my favorites: Tiffany Page Handwarmers, Lyric cowl, Lindsey Lively Hat, Jenalea Handwarmers, Jane Frost Hat (my absolute favorite), and an old, but super favorite pattern- Perfect House slippers! Thank you, again!!! Darlene P. ( Rav: bpeterzak5)

  14. toppinghk Reply

    I love your patterns!

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S® 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  15. Sally Reply

    I love your Aubrey boots pattern….it’s my all time favorite…..

  16. Heather K. Reply

    OH man, the Galilee Cowl is amazing!! The Galilee hat and hand warmers are two of my all-time fave Mamachee patterns – so excited to see this to add to the set!!

    • Heather K.

      Forgot to add, I’m ValerianOddity on Ravelry.l 🙂

  17. Rachel Pyle Reply

    I love the Jane frost hat and the Lindsay lively hat the best. But I love all of them too.

    My username is RachelPyle

  18. Andrea Reply

    Ravelry username: oldglory

    Favorite new pattern: Billows cowl

    Thank you!

  19. Julie Reply

    Jane frost is my favorite…. Hard to choose… Lots of good patterns… My revelry name is ckayak

  20. Jenn Reply

    I love the Oma House Slippers, The Perfect House Slippers, the Reverie, Tamara & Tiffany Page Handwarmers!

  21. ness265 Reply

    I love the Tiffany Page hand warmers and the Marjorie scarf! The colors and textures are gorgeous!! ? Vanessa

  22. suzysnowflake Reply

    I love the Imperial Hat pattern! But they are ALL TERRIFIC! 🙂 Ravelry name is suzysnowflake! Thanks.

  23. Francie Reply

    I favorited the Jane Frost hat and Marjorie scarf. Looks like this will be a great book!

  24. Emma Reply

    Love all the hand warmers! I have friends working in offices asking about them all the time rav ID flemmanog

  25. Randi Reply

    I love all your patterns, but the perfect house slippers are my favorite! I am rreed32.

  26. carolyn Reply

    Hi Mamachee, I love all of the patterns but my favorites are the Jane Frost Hat, the Marjorie Scarf, and the Perfect House Slippers!

  27. imerritt Reply

    I’m new to crotchet but having been trying more and more adventurous patterns and becoming more and more enthralled with all the wonderful patterns out there.These are just wonderful and really wet my appetite to try and have a go.Magnificent!!

  28. Pegi Reply

    I would love, love, love to have a copy of this book. [jumping up and down yelling] Pick Me, Pick Me!

  29. Pegi Reply

    I would love, love, love to have a copy of this book. [jumping up and down yelling] Pick Me, Pick Me!

  30. charley.livingston Reply

    I love all the patterns! They look so good. Wish me luck!

  31. Michelle Wulf Reply

    The Jane Frost Hat is my favorite. I think. Such a hard choice with so many beautiful patterns to choose from!!

  32. charley.livingston Reply

    I love all the patterns! They look so good. Wish me luck!

  33. Sarah Jensen Reply

    Lindsey Lively Hat and Jane Frost Hat are my favourites!
    Ravelry name: sarahpjensen

  34. handmadejourney Reply

    Congratulations on your e-book, how wonderful.

    The Marjorie Scarf is my favourite, just divine.

  35. Rita Reply

    Congrats on your first book. I love your patterns, they are easy to follow and work up just like the photo. One of my favorite designers to follow. I love the Lindsey Lively Hat. 🙂 Ravelry User: rjmorrison

  36. christy Reply

    Jane Frost hat! They all look wonderful. Congratulations!

    Ravelry username: christycampbell

  37. Dira Reply

    Congratulations on your first book! Love the hat! Ravelry username is dora-ann

  38. susanne Reply

    My favorite patterns is a tie between the lola slippers and perfect house slippers, my ralvery username is susannetaylor

  39. Nichole Hubiak Reply

    I am so excited for you! What a great group of patterns. I love the Marjorie Sarf, would like to see how it looks with a variegated yarn. My Ravelry name is NickiHubiak.

  40. Jessica Reply

    There are a lot that I like but I love the reverie and Tamara hand warmers. Jflowers

  41. afancypeach Reply

    I love the Lindsay Lively hat, and the Tricia cowl. You have some really great/cute patterns. My ravelry username is p34ch. 

  42. Iratxe Reply

    All the patterns are great!! I love Tamara Handwarmers ?
    RavID: Pirsinia ?

  43. Pamela Emerson Reply

    The Jenalea Handwarmers are my favorite New pattern and The perfect house slippers are my 2nd favorite!! Thank you for this chance , my ravelry username is pbeanie30

  44. ds Reply

    so hard to name just 1 favorite, but since it hasn’t been picked by anyone yet, the origami slippers
    ravelry: deerbystarlight

  45. Gillian Reply

    Without a doubt the Jane Frost hat got my heart Ravelry -mrsmca71

  46. Rachel Martin Reply

    Hi! I’m Crochetmummy and I love the Tricia Cowl. Congratulations on the new book!

  47. Angie Clifford Reply

    My favs so far are the Jane Frost hat, Janalea wristwarmers & the Triscia Cowl! But they are all truly fabulous!!

  48. Sumi Reply

    I couldn’t pick just one favorite. I love the Tamara Cowl so I was thrilled to see the Tamara Handwarmers. The Imperial Hat just looks so cool and the “crown” gives the option for a real pop of color or not. And because I am an absolute texture junkie, the Tiffany Page Handwarmers have to be among my favorites. I am HulaSumi on Ravelry.

  49. Lyn Bown Reply

    Hi there

    My Ravelry username is lyndb52.

    So hard to choose, but my favourite pattern is the Reverie Handwarmers.

    Fingers crossed!

  50. Bettina Reply

    This book is just wonderful. It on my list to buy when I get paid next. But winning it would be awesome.
    Thank you

  51. Raphaële Cilia Reply

    Hello! I gave a ❤️ to Jane Frost hat, I love it!! Congrats for this ebook! Aka 1fillequicrochete.

  52. Kathi Reply

    I like so many of the new patterns, but I would say my most favorite is the Billows Cowl! <3

    • Kathi

      Ravelry username: KathiD67 (I forgot to put that in my email.. oops)

  53. Darlene Reply

    Congrats on the ebook!
    All the patterns are amazing and if I had to choose just one to have, it would be the imperial hat…..the pattern is so feminine….just perfect!

  54. crochetchris Reply

    WOW some real pretty new patterns! And with my granddaughter heading off to college next fall she could use a lot of these gorgeous patterns as she will be attending school in the Boston area, known for the long, cold winters. I know as I grew up there. She thinks Green Bay is bad…wait til she feels that moisture off the ocean ;)Thanks for the chance to win the e-book. I have given  to and even made a folder of the patterns | | | | | |


    | | | | Ravelry – a knit and crochet community Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters. | |



  55. Christine Axtell Reply

    I love them all and it’s so hard to decide! But, I choose the Jenalea Handwarmers! Ravelry: 2towheads

  56. Selena Reply

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I really like the Lyric Cowl! Beautiful!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  57. Merissa Reply

    My favorite on ravalery is the pattern for the Tamara Handwarmers. Being a student again at the university I am appreciating my handwarmers a lot more now, keyboarding in a cold room is brutal! My ravalry name is “Loopsinloops”

  58. Kim Edwards Reply

    Ravelry username is “lonegunkim.” You are such a talented designer. I favorited the Jane Frost Hat and Marjorie Scarf – such cool technical design! I also favorited the Wily Handwarmers – the texture is very knit-like, plus they look warm.

  59. Joan Reply

    I can see tons of Christmas presents in these patterns. They are so nice and practical and beautiful at the same time.

  60. Susie kilgroe Reply

    The Oma slippers, by far my favorite of any pattern, ever. I also ? All your hand warmers!

  61. lldjmom Reply

    My favorite new design is the hat! But I am excited to try all three!
    Thanks for your quality designs. They are always beautiful!

  62. sew4us5 Reply

    I love the Galilee Cowl first – but there are TONS of cute things in there.
    I favorited the whole ebook. It’s on my want list for sure.

  63. sharonda Reply

    My ravelry name is swilli554. I love the Majorie Scarf, Lola Slippers & Hobnail Cowl.

  64. bcre8v2 Reply


    So very excited about your ebook. I’m sure you realize how hard it is to find fashion-forward and challenging-but-not-mindboggling crochet patterns. Love that these are for accessories, too. I love making hats, gloves, scarves, cowls, etc. Best of luck to you! This looks like a wonderful resource for all crocheters. My Ravelry user name is SusanB1951. Thank you!

  65. adairkarras Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your patterns are super awesome!! All of you’re hard work does not go unnoticed!!

  66. sbat4567 Reply

    My fav is the galilee cowl. I am so happy that you made a pattern for that. Good luck on your book. Your patterns are awesome and fit beautifully. I am hoping your next one will be a toddler/child book.

  67. queenbeeofthecastle Reply

    Very difficult to choose as I’ve always loved Mamachee patterns.

    But my favorites would have to be:

    Jane Frost Hat

    Galilee Cowl

    Oma House Slippers

  68. Lu Reply

    Love, love, love the Jane Frost hat!! Would love to try making that for next winter. Looks a bit complicated but well worth the effort.

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  69. Amalia Collinsworth Reply

    I love so many designs in this book! The 2 that I will likely put on my hook 1st, will be the Jane Frost hat and the Mae’s Origami Slippers. Ravelry: shaggysun

  70. nancyfortura Reply

    I love the Tamara Handwarmers and of course, the Oma Slippers! I’ve made the Oma slippers so many times I’ve lost count!

  71. Stephanie S Reply

    With so many great patterns it’s hard to choose just one! I finally narrowed it down to a top 3: Mae’s Origami Slippers, Jane Frost hat, and Wily Handwarmers. Congratulations on your book!
    Rav ID: copper1047

  72. Faith S Reply

    Love these new patterns! You never disappoint!!
    love that they’re easy …all the way up to, what the heck?! 😀
    Good Luck with your book!!!

    I hearted the Lindsey’s lively hat, and the Galilee scarf!! And the megan boot cuffs! (i love textured things!!)

    ravelry: FaithSchellenberg!

  73. Susan Reply


    Just checked out your new patterns on Ravelry…there are so many delicious patterns to pick from but I did land on three of them,

    The Billows Cowl looks like puffs of warmth would surround your neck.

    The Megan Boots Cuffs are such a sweet pattern that would be a lovely addition to a teen’s outfit

    The Wily Hand Warmers have such attractive wavy cables, who could resist.

    My Ravelry name is Senora Susie

    Hoping that I am one of the lucky one’s in the contest.


  74. guckiesgirl Reply

    I favorited the Imperial hat, Heather Lynn handwarmers, and Jennifer Lee leg warmers!Congratulations on getting your book done.

    Thank you,April Jackson

  75. Helen Bickerton Reply

    Fantastic designs, I love them all, it was hard to choose my overall favourite. But after careful deliberation, I have to go with the Lyric Cowl. It’s so funky with the two contrasting tones, this will be the first thing I make from the e-book! The weather here in the UK should be warming up now but it’s not so all the designs in here will keep me toasty 🙂

    mamachee wrote:

  76. katerinaheddell Reply

    Congratulations on being published!! Your so very talented, and I am very grateful you share those talents! 

    kheddell The Tiffany Paige hand warmers <3

  77. Kate Reply

    All such fantastic patterns. My new favorite is the Jenalea Handwarmers, and I have been a huge fan of the Oma House Slippers for a while. I favorited them on Ravelry under the user name MsKaJack. Congratulations on this exciting accomplishment!

  78. Isla Reply

    I love all of your patterns, but my favorite new one is the galilee cowl. My username for my ravelry account is idejoseph. Good luck to me for the giveaway! I’d love to try your new patterns!!

  79. lourdes Reply

    The jane frost hat is one of my favourites from the e-book.
    My ravelry id is marialourdes25

    Enviado desde Samsung Mobile

  80. Carole Reply

    I love the Tamara Handwarmers! The book looks like it’s packed with great patterns, so difficult to pick just one


  81. tina Reply

    The fingerless gloves are a particular favorite… Looking forward to trying that pattern!


    Wily handwarmers are awesome!!!!! catcoggins is my eagerly name, so exciting!!!


      I meant raverly name… correct is just great!

  83. madamefireflyk Reply

    I like almost all of your patterns so now it is a toss up between my favorites, but I couldn’t just pick one. So I chose two: the Tamara Handwarmers amd Oma Slippers

  84. stephanie underwood Reply

    Love, love, love that light blue hat! Congrats on your first book 🙂

  85. Diana Reply

    Hi! It would be a pleasure to win one of your ebooks.
    Im so excited! <3

  86. Kristen Reply

    Love your Oma House Slippers. Ravelry name is yarnqueen.

  87. Jen Reply

    LOVE all the patterns! I have most of them. And love the new ones, but the Jane Frost Hat has to on top of the list. I need to make it! 🙂

    Ravelry: jenlan

  88. Flash Ragler Reply

    The designs in this book are just amazing. I am so happy i have found your page. I want to thank you for the chance to own this amazing book. Good luck to everyone. It’s an awesome pattern book

  89. damnkmm Reply

    I love doing some of your patterns

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  90. Aimee Murphy Reply

    Love the Imperial hat. Also faved the Jane Frost hat and the Jenalea mitts. (Aimeefae on ravelry.)

    What an awesome bonus it would be to win your book!

  91. christine Reply

    Your Jane frost hat is by far my favorite. Love the texture
    SweetIsadora on Ravelry

  92. nikki_vanslooten Reply

    These are amazing! My favorite is probably the Jenalea Handwarmers…if I was forced to choose! My Ravelry username is nikkivanslooten

  93. Jeanette Reply

    My favorites are as follows: Oma House Slippers, Flip Flops and the very cute sock monkey beanie. Congrats on your book, wishing you great success.


  94. Emma Dunn Reply

    I love the look of all of the patterns – but I think my favourite has to be the Jane Frost hat, it’s beautiful! My ravelry name is Jojasca x

  95. Michelle Reply

    My fave is the Tricia Cowl. So many great patterns! Ravelry id is sunneflowre.

  96. April Conner Reply

    I am in love with the Jane Frost Hat! Definitely <3 ed it! Ravelry name is aemanus 🙂

  97. Leanna Reply

    Love them all, but my favorite is the Oma House Slippers pattern. I guess that’s why I’d really love to win! My Ravelry name: 4veritytoo

  98. Alicia Richardson Reply

    My favorite is the Sparkle Shawl. My username is Neverthesame1165

  99. Barb Reply

    I would love any of your patterns i don’t already have. I go to your patterns more often when i am looking for something because they are very well written and always end up fitting perfectly. I just got done making the santa mitts and they are adorable and fit both my grandchildren perfectly and they love them. My username is bboran

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