Free Crochet Pattern – Ruffle Blanket

New design! What do you guys think? It’s actually a little bit of an older design because I was going to include this pattern in my very first crochet book, coming Fall of 2016 but I decided not to include blankets in it and so… you go  🙂

This is a super easy blanket that looks AMAZING draped over a couch or thrown on a bed. Who doesn’t love ruffles anyway?

K hook (6.5 mm)
Bulky yarn
Yarn needle

6 ½ rows and 9 dc = 3”square

I used four skeins of Rainbow Classic by Purl Essence.

Each skein of Rainbow Classic is:
11 oz. (312 g)/ 615 yds. (562 m)

Yardage: approx. 2000 yds.

You will not count your beginning ch as a st. Finished blanket, when lying flat, measures 48″ wide and 58″ long.

Hk – hook
Ch – chain
Lp – loop
St – stitch
Slst(s) – slip stich(es)
Sc(s) – single crochet(s)
Dc – double crochet

Ch 142
Row 1 – sc in 2nd ch from hk, sc in next 2, *dc in next 20, sc in next 3, repeat from * across. (141)
Row 2 – Ch 1 and turn, sc in first 3, *dc in next 20, sc in next 3, repeat from * across. (141)
Row 3 through Row 175 – Repeat Row 2

Fasten off and weave in ends. I like to work a row of slsts up the center of your sc rows. This helps make the blanket a little more ruffle-y. For more help with this, you can download the free pdf of this pattern HERE.

And hey! you can view all of my free crochet patterns HERE. Enjoy and happy crocheting!


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  1. Mamachee Reply

    Hi 🙂 Your foundation ch will need to be in multiples of 23 + 4. Enjoy and happy crocheting!!

    • Chatty05

      Thank you so much, I just a slow learner. Like to try different patterns but in small jobs ie dolls blanket

  2. Silvia Rodriguez Reply

    you are great crocheter. you can make your own patterns? and you learned recently. i learned in 1998 and still strugle to make something. i can do a lot of things but is hard for me to follow a pattern or read diagrams. so i make whatever with the style and design i get in my mind at the time. thanks and wish you keep learning to share also. crochet is almost a lost art everyone tells me when i am crocheting in public. i also love it.

  3. instagram online Reply

    The blanket looks so cozy~~ Gonna try this pattern for a gift to my friend’s new born baby 😀 Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!!

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