How to add a felt sole to your slippers.


Sometimes walking on crocheted fabric is not very comfortable, especially crocheted cotton. This can easy be fixed by adding a simple felt insole…it’s pretty too right!?

Let’s begin…How to add a felt insole (clears throat)

1) Gather Supplies


You’ll need a pair of slippers, scissors, a 12×12 piece of wool felt (you can find the felt I used HERE), high temp hot glue, and a marker (not pictured above).

2) Cut out insoles


Lay your slippers on top of your piece of felt and mark out your cut….


and cut! cut on the inside of your marks to make sure that your insole will be small enough to fit inside your slipper. Once you have then cut, insert them into slipper to check for a good fit. Trim insoles if needed.


3) Glue

Turn your slippers inside-out and hot glue your insoles to the bottom of your slippers. I make sure the glue gun is set on high and slather it on good. Once I have the insole completely glued down, I run some more glue around the edges.


4) Enjoy!


The crochet slipper pattern that I used can be found HERE   : ) 


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  1. Salena Reply

    Hey lady! This is a great tip!

    Would you mind if we featured you, and this tip, in the next issue of

  2. Jacqueline Reply

    I thought it would be more complicated than that! This is totally doable ! Thanks!
    Grace and Peace to you.

  3. Choya Reply

    Super Cute and looks pretty easy. Thank you for the tutorial. And thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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