Free Dog Leash Crochet Pattern

I made these dog leashes back in 2009. I’ve really enjoyed these leashes and I still have them so I wanted to add this little pattern for you guys to enjoy.  I took these pictures back in 2009 also, I can’t believe how little my kids are and how much they’ve grown (happy/sad mama tears).
This is a very easy pattern and great scrap yarn project. Happy Crocheting!! 

G hook
Worsted weight yarn
Some fiber fill (to stuff handle for a comfortable and squishy grip – optional)
Yarn Needle
Dog Leash Clip (I found mine at my local pet supply store or you can recycle a clip from an old leash)

Pattern is worked in the round. There is no joining or turning. The striped leash was worked by changing color every 11 rows.

Leash Clip – I found my clips at a local pet supply store. You could also recycle a clip from an old leash. 

Cotton or hemp yarn would give you a sturdy, less-stretchy leash. Most yarns will have quiet a bit of stretch so keep that in mind when figuring the length you would like to have for your leash.

Ch – chain       sc – single crochet       hk – hook       st – stitch       rnd – round       lp – loop              

leaving about a 10″ tail and Ch 9,
Row 1 – sc in 2nd ch from hk, sc in each st across. (8)
Rnd 2 – sc in 1st sc of Row 1 forming a lp, sc in each st around. (8)
Rnd 3 – sc in each st around. (8)
Rnd 4 through ? – Repeat Rnd 3 around and around until you reach desired length for your leash. Once you reach desired length continue on with handle…
Handle Rnd 1 – (sc in next, 2sc in next) around. (12)
Handle Rnd 2 through Rnd 50 – work evenly around, stuffing handle with fiber fill as you work (optional). 
Handle Rnd 51 – (sc in next, sc2tog) around. (8) 
Fasten off leaving a 10″ tail for sewing. 
See Finishing. 

Fold handle in half and sew Handle Rnd 51 to Handle Rnd 1. Wrap the beginning end of your leash tightly around the dog leash clip and sew to secure the clip to your leash. (see picture for help)



Now go take your furry friend on a walk  : ) 

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  1. Vicky Reply

    Have you ever had the German shepherd really pull hard on the leash? I worry about how strong it is and can my shepherd break the leash? She doesn’t usually pull, except when there’s a cat or squirrel. 🙂

    • Mamachee

      Yes, I’ve had my German Shepherd pull hard on my leash and I haven’t had any issues.

      German Shepherds are the best aren’t they?

  2. FleurBelge Reply

    Merci beaucoup for sharing your pictures about the dog leash made with yarn and crochet; I love crochet and also i am a dog sitter for small dogs in Belgium.
    And have two grand sons as lovelly as your beautifull children.
    Merci beaucoup,
    Kind regards to you and your wonderfull familly from Belgium French speaking ,Wallonie Picarde.

  3. gotaram Reply

    I have never thought about crocheting my own dog leash 😮 Love this idea and this pattern! Thank you for sharing! Gonna make several leash for my little dog. It must be fun!

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