Remember this beautiful yarn!? It’s been transformed…into a free head wrap crochet pattern!


The Everly Head Wrap

free crochet headwrap pattern

J hook

Worsted Weight Yarn
Yarn Needle


I used Arctic Krafts worsted weight wool yarn. Arctic Krafts is a fellow Alaskan that hand dyes yarn and sells her yarn on etsy. Her shop name is ArcticKrafts (beautiful yarn!). Most worsted weight yarns, such as Cascade 220, Lion Brand Wool Ease and the like, will work perfectly with this pattern.

Yardage: You should not need more than 90 yds of worsted weight wool yarn to complete 1 head wrap.

Finished head wrap, when lying flat measures 8 1/2″ long and 4″ wide (It’s very stretchy and fits great!)

You will not count your beginning ch as a st.

Joining – Always join with a slst to the first st of your rnd and always work the first st of each rnd into the first st of the previous rnd (which should be the SAME st that you joined into). 

Back Hump – The back hump of your foundation ch is easy to find. Find the front and back lps of your ch (these lps are also known as stacked V’s or stacked hearts). Turn your ch over and take a peek at the backside of your back and front lps. Those little humps that you see are your back hump lps.

hk-hook        Ch-chain        Lp(s)-loop(s)        rnd-round        blo-back loop only          

st-stitch        slst-slip stitch        sc-single crochet        hdc-half double crochet

Ch 61
Row 1 – Working in back hump for this row, hdc in 2nd ch from hk, hdc in next 24, sc in next, slst in next 8, sc in next, hdc in last 25, join with slst to first hdc of rnd forming a lp. (60)
Helpful Note: Use your end to sew together the little jag created when joining Row 1.
Rnd 2 – Ch 1 and turn, working in blo for entire rnd, hdc in first 25, sc in next, slst in next 8, sc in next, hdc in last 25.

Helpful Notes: Even though you are working entire rnd in the blo, I still like to slst join into both lps. If you have trouble telling which st is which, then it might be a good idea to use a stitch marker to mark your first and last st. Be careful not to work a st into your slst joins.
Rnd 3 through Rnd 12 – Repeat Rnd 2.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

 You can easily make the Everly Head Wrap in multiple colors! 


For this multi-colored head wrap, I chose my three colors (C1, C2, C3)
I worked Row 1 through Rnd 4 with C1
Rnd 5 through Rnd 8 with C2
and Rnd 9 through Rnd 12 with C3 (I also added one more Rnd of C3, by just repeating Rnd 2 one more time). 


What do you think? Would you wear this head wrap?

If you make a head wrap, I would love to see : )  You can easily share your finished headwrap pictures with me on my Facebook page HERE or on my Raverly Group HERE

There is also a downloadable version of this pattern HERE. Enjoy!

Happy Crocheting! 

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  1. Corey Reply

    I love this! Since it is a free pattern am I still allowed to sell the finished products? I would be sure to credit you as designer.
    Let me know,

    • Mamachee

      Hey Corey : ) Yes, please feel free to sell the finished items made from any of my patterns. I do just ask that you provide a link to the pattern if you sell them online : )

      Happy Crocheting Corey and thank you!

  2. Estelle mansell Reply

    Please change rhe email address and the new one is I have emailed to let you the change address.

    Thank you

    Estelle Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    • Mamachee

      I’ve updated your subscriber information with your new e-mail address : ) Thank you for following!!

  3. guckiesgirl Reply

    — Please reply above this line —

    Beautiful head wrap, thank you!

  4. misha Reply

    Thank you for this very nice pattern! I tried to recreate it but it didn’t work well 🙁 I failed to spot the back humps, and I lost the last stitch while going around. I guess I’ll try a different approach: I won’t join the chains in the first place (to form a loop). I’ll work in straight horizontal rows, then I’ll sew the ends together.

  5. Linda Wood Reply

    Thank You!! I can’t wait to try this one

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  6. Noelle Reply

    I love your patterns! I can’t wait to try this out too! Thanks so much for making it available to us.

  7. AnitaSee Reply

    Hi Tara, thanks for the lovely pattern!
    I pinned the multicoloured one’s photo and noticed it had no link back to your site – remember to add it! (I added it manually to my pin.) You deserve the credit for your patterns – they’re so well done.
    God bless!

    • Mamachee

      Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about that! I definitely want the images linked back : )

      *high five

  8. AnitaSee Reply

    Hi Tara, thanks so much for this lovely pattern!
    I pinned the photo of the multi-coloured one and noticed it had no link back to your site (I added it manually to my pin). Remember to name your pics – you deserve the credit!

  9. Krista Reply

    Hello there 🙂 I lost the email that you sent that had the baby/kid pattern for this. Could you please send it to me again?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Mamachee

      I sure can. Just use the contact form on the website to send me a message (make sure to include your e-mail address) and let me know that you would like the pdf for the baby/child headwrap and I’ll send it over : )

    • Krista

      Thank you for finding the link.
      This is what I had asked for in April but you couldn’t find it. I’m glad you located it again 🙂

  10. Mandy Reply

    Hi! Love this pattern, just wondering if I need to make any adjustments for child sizes?

  11. diane Reply

    such a cute pattern. I seem to be having trouble getting the correct size. mine are coming out much wider than 4″ using a J hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn (all that I have at the moment). tried pattern again using an “I” hook and no luck. I will keep trying because I really want to make these.

  12. Chris L BCB Reply

    Just finished my first one. Tried it on a little to tight for me! LOL! Guess I have a bigger head than I thought! Also, the side that we started with, in the first row, crocheting in the hump, doesn’t seem to give. What did I do wrong?

  13. Meghan Reply

    Hi! This might sound dumb, but I’m a little confused about the beginning of round 2 where you say to turn. If you’re working in rounds, wouldn’t you just slip stitch to
    where you started and start a new round, working in a circle? That’s what I did, but it looks different than yours. I guess I’m just confused about the turning, and where/how that would happen. Sorry if this makes no sense, haha.

    • Tina

      Meghan I thought the same but you definitely need to turn once you join the loop.

  14. Alexis Faulkner Reply

    I am also confused about the turning instruction. Are you supposed to turn the work after connecting it into a circle and work back on the part you just finished? Without working on the piece in a circle?

    • Gabriela Soto

      Yes, that is correct Alexis. You will be working as if you were doing rows, but they are joined.

  15. Michellee Reply

    I love this pattern but my daughter has alot of hair and this size does not fit her how can i make it a little bit bigger

  16. Clarice Reply

    Hi. I am wondering why it is necessary to crochet in the back loops when first beginning your piece. I notice that this is a new practice, and I am finding it a bit difficult to do in the beginning chain. Thanks for the pattern, and I love the style. I will keep trying. What would happen if I just did it the regular way on the first chain? I guess I’ll have to see for myself. Love your designs.

  17. Charlene Reply

    This is going to be my first pattern to follow!!! I’m so excited to try these head wraps
    I have made baby blankets that I have just crocheted with no pattern they turned out (thank God) so now to try a pattern ? will pist a picture when done….Thank you so much for the patterns and your fantastic explanations…happy crocheting

  18. Ella May Reply

    No matter what, redoing it 60 times. The ADULT size does not even fit my toddler.

  19. Charlotte Reply

    Hi, what size hook would I use if I make this with a bulky yarn? Do I need to adjust the number of stitches?
    Thank you.

  20. Virginia Reply

    What size is this made to fit? i would like to make them in different sizes. Should i just adjust hook size?

  21. Connie Reply

    Very nice pattern .. just made one but I put the join at the centre back. Thanks!

  22. Wanda Reply

    I’m not familiar with what a back hump would be!? Would that mean the back loop? Thanks! Love this pattern.

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