I’ve talked about it before and I’m talking about it again….Design Wars is awesome! I love the friendly design competitions! I designed these for the Red Heart Infinity DW round. I’ve been thinking about this design for awhile now and here it is! It’s a pair of simple little house slippers and so the pattern was named…The Perfect House Slippers. 

You can get this pattern in baby size 3 up to child size 1 


Woman size 3 up to a men size 14 (good to know: a woman size 3 is the equivalent to a child size 1)


AND the pattern includes bunny ears that you can add to your slippers! Easter is coming and so bunnies have been on my mind haha.



(adult pattern also includes bunny ears…you’re welcome!)



I hope you like these! You can find this pattern available HERE

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Lisa Reply

    These look awesome. What’s the bottom like? Is there something to make them non-slip? I’d love to make these for my elderly mother…

    • Tara Murray

      You could definitely make these non-slip! Have you ever tried adding puff paint to the bottom of your crocheted slippers?

      It’s fun!

  2. Molly Hughes Reply

    Would you mind showing HOW to use the puff paint? I have had problems with getting it on in a good looking manner.

  3. Mamachee Reply

    It can be difficult to get the puff paint to look good but there are a few other options. I will work on a blog post for you to show you what I like to do : ) Stay tuned.

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