Design Wars. It’s what’s on my mind and it’s because I get to play another round and I’m loving it (as always). Although, I am struggling with my design a tiny bit. I have the base ready but it needs more….cow bell (haha) AND I didn’t order enough yarn so I’m waiting for some more yarn to get here before I can get my final design ready for it’s debut ¬† : )

If you don’t know about Design Wars then you should look into this. Awesome crochet designers are coming together and working hard to create unique and amazing designs for a little friendly competition and you could be apart of it! We need encouragment, we love comments and we need your votes!

The best place to start would be to sign up for the DW Newsletter. Then you’ll receive an e-mails! An example of the e-mails would be: ¬†Meet the challenging designers, sneak peeks of the desings, the final reveal and voting time, then the winners will be announced and you’ll get an e-mail for that too! fun stuff! If you’d like to subscribe then click HERE and scroll down to the bottom to easily get on the mailing list. You can also follow their Facebook page HERE.

All of the challengers are working with the new Red Heart Heads Up yarn. I really love this stuff! It’s soft and squishy and great to work with! It has a nice clean look to it and again….it’s soft and squishy, I wish I was making a blanket (or maybe I am making a blanket….who knows!) so that I could wrap myself in it. The colors are vibrant and it has a perfect gray!


I will wrap up this post by saying that I’M EXCITED!


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