My good deed for the day – I clothed a poor little naked branch (scroll down to see and read about it) and I feel very good about it.
I was feeling rather gloomy today because of the cold snowy day (that’s right – snow on May 5th) but helping out a naked branch did my heart good.

I hope you will enjoy this charity project and love will spread to many lonely naked branches and twigs around the world.

My finished leaves measure about 1 1/2″ long and 1″ wide

E hook
Worsted weight yarn – I used Cascade 220 wool in 7 pretty colors.
Yarn needle

Ch 5,
Rnd 1 – sc in 2nd chain from hk, hdc in next, dc in next, work (2hdc in last, ch 2, sc in second ch from hk, 2hdc) in last ch. Working now on the opposite side of foundation ch. dc in next, hdc in next, sc in last.

Fasten off with sl st in the first sc of rnd. Leave a tail long enough to play with (a 6″ tail is comfortable)

Insert hook into your slip st

Grap the tail and pull up a loop

Insert hook into next visible hole you find up the center of your leaf

Pull up a loop and pull through the one loops on hook – (you are slip stitching up the leaf)

Work the slip stitches all the way up the center of your leaf –

To fasten off – let go of your “working tail” and grab (with your hook) the other end (located in the back of your leaf), pull it up and pull it all the through the loop on your hook.
Weave in ends – Voila!

We are ready to go out and find a needy branch – you’ll know when you find the right one.

Yes, that’s right….the victim. The victim of below freezing temperatures, wind, rain, and whatever else caused this lovely branch to break away from “home tree”.
We can’t dress them all – no – we can’t give all little, barren branches new life but that is no excuse.

There is a small hidden message along with this project.
I want to look around at all my plenty (excess) and think of others (the needy) more often. Love is so important and the more love I have and show the happier I will be.
So, this little branch is going to get hung on the wall somewhere so that whenever I see it, I will be reminded to love.

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  1. The Dafoe Family Reply

    Love this! I cut a birch branch and stuck it in a glass vase with soem rocks! Its happy little green leaves are so cherry against the snowy outside! I may have to do this in Ava’s room somewhere!

  2. Jewllori by Lori Reply

    Tara, this is the best! I can’t wait to do it!! I tried to do a leaf right now, and they are EASY!! So when I have more time, I’ll make a whole bunch and find my needy branch 😀

    Thanks so much!

  3. ArtMind Reply

    Ohh, that is FAB! I have some empty branched that can use some of those leaves! Will definately make some, Tara! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together! 🙂

  4. Alesha Reply

    Wow this is WONDERFUL! The yarn is gorgeous – the idea is priceless! Your photos are amazing.

  5. Linda Macias Reply

    I am somewhat new to crocheting. What do you mean by “Working now on the opposite side of foundation ch”???

    BTW, I love your site and your creations. They are adorable!

  6. Tara Reply

    Hey Linda M,
    Hard question to answer over a post but I’ll do my best ( :
    Go ahead and work the leaf pattern, when you work all those stitches into the last stitch of your foundation chain – it should have wrapped you around so that you are pretty much facing the “opposite side of foundation ch” – so you should be able to easily just continue crocheting around the foundation chain (like running around an oval shape)
    I hope that makes sense ( :


  7. Avon Beautiful Reply

    This is absolutely the cutest and most clever thing! I love it!!! And the little lesson is a perfect touch too! Thank you! :o)

  8. Priceless Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful! Your story is also beautiful and makes one think of what is really important, thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Lisa Smith Reply

    Tara, you have come up with an absolutely wonderful idea! I’m in need of a very unique birthday present for a very special 7 year old little girl who is so creative & color-inspired. This will be the perfect gift for her! I’m thinking of spray painting the branch in a soft pink, then using as many different shades of pink yarn as I can find for the leaves. Then I can personalize a vase with her name & further decorate it. She has had to share a very, very tiny bedroom with her 2 younger brothers until now; & all she has ever wanted for her birthdays was a little space of her own. So that’s what her parents have done, turned a small utility room into a bedroom for her – & I think this will be a perfect gift for her to put in a personalized space of her own. I even thought about taking tiny little clothespins & clipping them on to some of the branches with a rolled up dollar bill here & there. I’m so appreciative of your generosity in making this a free pattern available to your readers. Thank you, Tara! 🙂 Lisa in Lake O., Oregon

  10. la cousine Reply

    Hi Tara,

    thank u so much for this lovely idea and pattern! I put my decorated branch in a vase and it looks so pretty, it makes me smile every time i see it 🙂

    Best wishes from Vienna, Austria

  11. philippa Reply

    Love your site by the way – amazing patterns just have one question- how did you attach the leaves to the branch? I will defiantly be doing this at home great free pattern a bit thumbs up !!! P 🙂

    • Marcia

      I was wondering that myself. I see that 2 1/2 years later, you never got an answer. Bummer.

  12. Pamela Muma Reply

    Thank you for the pattern and a bigger THANK YOU for the reminder to share the love!

  13. Jeanne Reply

    The best, sweetest, easy to make leaf pattern I have found to date. Thank you so very much. Now I can finish my daughter’s sweater! You are a doll. Also I am going to try your branch idea. I can see it at Christmas with a branch painted white and your sweet leaves in bright colors for my front door.

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